Prerequisites for NFRA 2 Form

During the process of submitting form, user needs to have following details/documents before proceeding with form filling.

  1. Limited Liability Partnership Identification Number (LLPIN) or any other registration Number of the firm

  2. Income Tax PAN of Auditor (for Indian firm)

  3. Registration number of Auditor with the regulator/agency

  4. The following details of the companies that need to be filled in:

    1. Name of Company/Body Corporate

    2. CIN / PAN of Company /Body Corporate Or FCRN of the company or Identity number of body corporate

    3. Global Location Number of Company/Body Corporate (if applicable)

    4. Details of the Fees received by the Auditor from Company/Body Corporate

    5. Currency Conversion rate (if fees received in Foreign Currency)

  5. Network Registration Number of the auditor with ICAI

  6. Details of the Partners of the auditor

  7. Number of employees employed by the auditor

  8. Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) of User

Technical Requirements for the Application

  1. Step 1. Download and Install Latest version of Java from Internet or Click Here

  2. Step 2. Download the utility from this link for WINDOWS Click Here

  3. Step 3. Update Chrome Browser

  4. Step 4. Reboot System

  5. Step 5. Run DSC Signer Utility before starting DSC registration or e-Signing document

  6. Step 6. Insert the DSC token issued in the USB slot of the machine

  7. Step 7. Click on show certificates button, on clicking it will show the list of Installed DSCs in the table

  8. Step 8. Select the relevent checkbox from the list of DSCs shown in the table

  9. Step 9. Click on Submit and you will get the success message

1. For registering any Technical issue, click here

For technical queries drop a mail at helpdesk[at]nfra[dot]gov[dot]in

(Note : Please mention "NFRA-2:Company Name" in the subject line)

Note:  NFRA-2 e-Form live since 9th December 2019.